A new season

Side note: I started this post on Thursday. I really should learn how to finish and publish a post.


It’s glorious out there today, isn’t it? Well, at least it is here in RVA. I couldn’t help but to count my blessings during my lunch time walk at work. What it is about crisp, beautiful blue sky days that just make my inner peace bubble so rapidly to the surface?  I hope it’s the same for you.

As is the case when I walk or work out, I like to listen to some good tunes.  I currently have Judah and the Lion (the Folk Hop n’ Roll album) on repeat on my iPod. I find that the lyrics have to resonate with me in order for me to really enjoy a song. Currently, these are the songs with the lyrics that seem to impact my soul the most.


These songs give me a little motivational boost during the day and make me ready to tackle this next season of life.

Cheers to my most favorite season!!!  Welcome back, Autumn!


(P.S. Music is great, but it still can’t top a good scripture verse in my book. This is the one I’m currently clinging to.)

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