The notification

You know when you finally feel like you have all the pieces of your life perfectly balanced and then something happens that throws it all out of whack again? And you struggle to successfully fix that one thing or regroup in that one area while desperately making sure the other aspects of your life don’t fall to pieces, too?

Maybe it’s something big & drastic or maybe it’s something little and trivial. It doesn’t really matter what it is. The point is recognizing the moment when the exasperated sigh slips out of your lips and you realize you need to juggle and re-shuffle just a little more.

It happened to me last night. I slipped (flopped-whatever) into bed, full of mental exhaustion from a challenging day at work and the good kind of exhaustion that comes from getting in some pool time and working out in the same day. And despite the challenges of the day…I was feeling alright.

And then it happened.

The notification.

“The Sister Stories has one new view.”


Pardon my french.

You mean people actually still check in on this blog? The one where most of its readers know us in real life?

We have a blog. The sisters. Well, supposedly. Except three out of the five have declared they don’t really like writing and the fourth one is currently trying to keep a new 4 year old and a new 2 year old from devouring her whole. So, that leaves me. The one who actually enjoys writing. The oldest who naturally feels a certain level of responsibility.

And it hits me that not writing…not keeping up with this blog…is the equivalent of paying for a gym membership but not actually going to the gym.

So here’s my attempt to squelch the guilt for the absence of blog posts. Nevermind the fact that there are 8 saved drafts that never made it to publishing.

Let’s see if I can keep this thing going without going silent for another two months.

Image result for blogging ecard

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