Mother’s Day

I have a very vivid memory from my freshman year in College.  My grandfather passed away and I remember saying to my Mom something along the lines of “it seems like everyone I know is either sick or dying these days”.  I’ll never forget what my Mom said when she replied “Britt, it’s always been like this, you’re just entering the stage of life where you notice it more because it is directly impacting you or people you love”.  I feel like ever since that conversation, my eyes have been opened to being more sensitive to what other people may be going through or experiencing.  I’ve watched people lose loved ones and admire their strength as they stay positive and grieve their losses in this age of social media where everything is so public.

Since becoming a Mother I find my biggest faith questions have started to rise from loss.  How could a mother possibly lose a child (regardless of age)?  How could a child (regardless of age) lose a mother?  What strength these kids have to watch a parent pass and what strength these parents must have to fight the fight with their sick child.

As I was driving around my two crazy little ones the other week, my patience was running low.  It’s at these moments when divine intervention steps in to set me straight (you can call it a coincidence, whatever).  On the radio, the lady briefly spoke about the Moms that will be stuck at a hospital, medical facility, or Ronald Mcdonald house this Mother’s Day.  I stopped in my tracks (ok, I was at a red light) and really thought about how lucky I was to be wondering just that morning what I would get to do with my husband and children for Mother’s Day.  How lucky I am.  When my patience is running low that is just the reminder I need.  I must remember to live every day with a thankful heart.  It really changes my perspective and outlook.  The radio mentioned to go online and see what you could do to help these Moms.

I encourage you to reach out to your community this weekend (for Mother’s Day) if you are able to.  Today me, Cassidy and the kids made some gift bags to be distributed through this ENCOURAGING MOMS program.  But maybe you could reach out to the Moms that need lifted up in other ways?  How about dropping off fresh flower bouquets with tags that say “Happy Mother’s Day” on them to a local nursing home?  What about making some gift bags to take to the Ronald McDonald house?  Just some thoughts.

As for me, I’ll be thankful this Mother’s Day.





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