We’ve all heard the term FOMO, fear of missing out, and with us five girls going in different directions and experiencing different things, it’s something we sometimes feel. But it seems to me FOMO isn’t as popular as it once was. At least it doesn’t pop up on my social media quit as often. When I pause and really think of the term, it almost implies reactivity, right? You have fear of missing out because you’re not doing something…you’re not a part of something.  Perhaps, that’s why this introvert actually prefers the term GOMO…short for Going Out more Often. It’s being proactive…going out and creating your own experiences. What I like to refer to as ‘enhancing your memory bank’.

Sounds silly, I know, but I work with old people. I have known a lot of greats from the greatest generation. Almost on a daily basis they bestow their wisdom on us younger folks. It usually comes in the form of “Do things, go places, have experiences while you’re able….life’s too short.”

And then there’s the very personal curve balls life has thrown at my husband and I. When you can’t have kids and you desperately want to be parents, you learn to fulfill your life in other (POSITIVE!!!) ways. When the one major experience in life you’ve always wanted (for us, parenthood) eludes you, you seek other experiences.

Luckily, I’ve always hated to shop, so filling my house with unnecessary items wasn’t a possibility. You know what else my resident’s lament about? Downsizing. They’re all about getting rid of stuff. But, memories? Those are priceless and you can keep them with you.

For us, these experiences manifest themselves in various ways. From major things like traveling and road tripping, to attending events like concerts, festivals, & church programs, to simple things like making sure that we go outside to catch snowflakes on our tongues when it snows or that we keep a little cash on hand during those summer months so we can be sure to get a treat from the ice cream truck.

I’m not a person who craves social settings by any means, so if I’m going to go out and do something I want to know a little about it. I have my own usual list of websites I hit up when it comes to traveling & going on vacations, but recently I’ve been scoping out Eventbrite. My church actually uses this website when they host any event for which tickets are required. What’s cooler is that they make it easy if you actually want to host an event.  I’m not there yet, but maybe some of my boss lady friends are. RVA has a great social scene and most of their events are well publicized, but Eventbrite is a great resource for helping you GOMO. So check it out and go fill that memory bank! 😉


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