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Goodbye 1968

About a month ago we made the decision it was time for the blue trim and blue doors to go. We’d survived almost a year with the thing we hated the most about this house when we bought it. It screamed the year the house was built. What was worse was the fact that the ‘flippers’ had repainted the backside of the front door and the hall closet and tried to match the old blue trim. So, even if we could have tolerated the blue trim, the mismatched blues were driving me crazy. We’ve got some bigger things in store for the rest of 2017 which means our time and energy able to be devoted solely to house projects is hopefully winding down.

This was one job I wasn’t willing to take on. There’s no way I’d have managed to accomplish all the painting that needed to happen in any sort of timely manner. I’d have paid a lot more than we did not to have this job fall on my shoulders. It was a big decision, with a somewhat hefty price tag, but now that the job is over, I can confidently say it was some of the best money we ever spent. It took 1 guy 4 full days with the help of a second guy on three of those days to paint over all the blue in this house.

Two weekends ago it dawned on me that if we were paying someone to come make all the trim be nice and crisp and fresh and new, then I needed to paint any wall space I had been contemplating painting before they arrived. There’s no way I was dropping a bunch of money and then needing to worry about my painting lines over the fresh new paint job. So, I picked a color for below the chair rail in the dining room and I got to painting the hallway and up the two stairs the same color as our family room. The fresh white trim is such a treat…the added wall color is an extra bonus. Once these kitchen cabinets are finished, I can confidently assure you my paint materials won’t see the light of day for a long, long time.

Not only did they paint, but they caulked, too. Now that’s something I definitely wouldn’t have even considered.

I’ll admit, I had some serious guilt painting over all this blue. I actually LOVED the color. I just didn’t love where it was painted. Many of my residents love the old Williamsburg style of painted trim, but (although I may act like it sometimes) I am not as old as them & prefer my color on the walls. I was still second guessing myself even after the trim had been primed.

This post is already wordy enough, so let’s do some fancy before and afters, shall we?

Notice the mismatched blue door!

And the mismatched closet door which greets you just as you walk through the front door.

The way the Dining room has been for the past 10 months, the way it looked for the past two weeks and the way it looks today.

White hallway, painted hallway with blue trim & doors, painted hallway with white trim & doors

The wall color is a greige…nowhere near green like that after picture looks.

Crisp white door against the navy office wall.

Looking up to the master bedroom & attic door.

The painters are finally gone & most of the furniture is back in its rightful place. The kitchen cabinets should all be hung by the end of this week…just in time for a visit from my in-laws.  Hopefully the smell of oil paint will have dissipated by then. :/

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