The Easter Crunch

Am I the only one who feels what I refer to as “The Easter Crunch”?  I guess it’s kinda like a version of spring cleaning. Though to me, spring cleaning often revolves around warm weather and lends itself more towards throwing open the windows and uhhh….cleaning. No, the Easter crunch is different.

Growing up, Easter was the holiday that my parents hosted. Well, at least from the time I was about six and older. Looking back, probably around the time sister #3 came into the picture, our trips to Pennsylvania for Easter weekend ceased and it became the holiday where our PA family came to RVA. From my middle school years on, my mom had a huge Easter egg hunt.  I’m talking 500+ eggs. In fact, as it became my job to stuff and hide the eggs, I seem to think the collection has reached closer to 1,000.  And when the kids for my mom’s Easter egg hunts got older, it turned into a nighttime flashlight hunt for a few years. Luckily, the egg hunt is now in its second generation and hosted by sister #2.  The egg hunt meant that it wasn’t just out of town family who came to the house, but also a whole bunch of friends.

My sister’s and I are so, so fortunate that our PA family still traverses to Richmond for Easter and I’m pretty sure my Easter crunch was born from this. It’s that desire to check things off my house to-do list. Major one time projects that have been festering all year long and those annual to-do’s like mulching. Much to my husband’s dismay, the crunch is in full swing extra hard this year. Between Easter being later this year and this being our first Easter in our new house…this year’s crunch is a little more intense than usual.

This weekend I tackled several things on my house project list and I’m looking forward to sharing the after pictures on here once everything is completed. It seems like for every one thing off my list, two more make it on, though I’m sure that’s just generic home ownership.

In the meantime, my husband mentioned something about running into a professional window cleaning company which is something I had never considered, though frankly sounds pretty amazing right now.  Hmm….

Anyone else in an Easter crunch?  Or am I the only crazy one who separates this from spring cleaning?


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