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The Office

Am I the only one who misses that TV show?  Oh, Jim Halpert.


As much as my husband complains when my cookie decorating schedule is chaotic, I’m sure he sometimes wishes I always stayed busy with cookie orders. When I have down time, I tend to get crazy ideas in my head.  Like room re-do’s. So in early January, when I realized I only had minimal cookie orders until February, I decided it was time to tackle our office.


It was the one room in the house that I joked looked like we had just moved in. It was our catch all space. The home to all Paul’s police gear and his dressing room for his 4:15 wake up calls…because he’s kind enough not to get ready for work in our room. I’m pretty sure I finally hung up curtains I remembered I had in a box about 2 months ago. And I stuck them up on a black curtain rod which was leftover over by the previous owners in our hold house. Somehow I knew it’d come in handy some day. My apologies to the neighbors for the roughly 5 months or so that this room was sans curtains what with it being Paul’s dressing room and all.

Even buying a new desk at Ikea last spring couldn’t help the boring white walls and awful green trim & closet doors.  My attempt at having organized storage when I bought the organizers for our old house slowly became a breeding ground for unorganized chaos.

My first order of business was coming up with a color scheme & plan. I’m not sure how navy, white & gold came to the forefront but once it was there, it stuck. I think it’s because I’ve never done a bold color on walls…well other than that one unfortunate orange bathroom. In recent home magazines & pinterest searches I’d seen several geometric designs done on walls.  I knew wallpapering was out of the question, so I went on the hunt for some vinyl pre-cut designs. The major hardware & home decorating stores carry several kinds, yet nothing I could find was matching up with what I had in my head. And then I found it. My Eureka moment. I stumbled across this beautiful wall.  You can find it at Bonfire Beautiful.  Would you believe that’s all done in washi tape??  I was sold.


So Paul & I made a trip to Ikea for some office essentials. A longer white desk I’d been dreaming of, some shelves and a new drawer unit.

The second order of business was to move all the junk into the center of the room, take down those poor curtains and prep the space for some paint.


I should have taken some pictures after I painted and before I scraped the window, hung one of the curtain panels & started on the feature wall, but I didn’t.

This is first picture of the new space and it’s awful. The overhead light makes me cringe and there are definitely plans to replace it. In the meantime, it makes all the walls look really, really dark….almost black…and yet they’re this beautiful, deep navy.


Actual wall color.

Luckily Brittany gave me some hours of her day and the two of us set to tackling the feature wall.  All in-this little washi tape wall took us two hours and cost around $30 for the tape. That’s much better than some expensive wall paper in my book!

Pay no attention to the overhead light glare or the junk, we were too busy geeking out over the walls.

So, without further ado, here’s the finished product!



Can we just pause for a moment at that wall again??


Luckily, my walls were nice round numbers which made the math a little simpler for this non-math girl.

Here’s a peek at the other corner of the room. Unfortunately, the huge cookie rack has to go somewhere. We have it sitting on Paul’s old dining room table…but to free up some space we decided to store the four chairs. I organized the organizers so now it doesn’t look so junky at least.  Paul has requested that we hang up some of his police things on the wall, which is fine with me. Once I dig them out of the attic and reframe them.


Y’all. Those doors. There’s so white and clean and crisp and fresh.  The after result always makes the hours of painting so worth it.



Now for some of my favorite details of the space.

This floor lamp. Which I scored from Lowe’s for $25. It must have been the last one and it was a return I think…though nothing hinted at that when I bought it and it’s not damaged in any way.  And those curtains?  Swoon.  I knew I wanted something with some gold in it, but not necessarily a different pattern that would have competed with the wall.  When I spotted this print, I was sold.


Look closely at the top of the curtain. Notice anything?  It’s a shower curtain!  I bought two of them. I used the old black curtain rod, bought some cheap nickel curtain holders and spray painted them all gold and voila.  The shower curtain length works perfectly for a room with baseboard heating. Most long curtains are about 82 in. and then they jump to about 64 in. (If you buy ones from a store.) So the long curtains always end up resting directly in front of the baseboard heating & the short ones hit the end of the window. I prefer a slightly longer curtain so the shower curtain length is my dream come true. Really, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  I also scored the little initials in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby.  They had some random letters, so I was absolutely delighted to find a K & P and even more shocked they actually had a Z. That never happens!

The shelves are from Ikea and so are the brackets. I just used a little spray paint on them, too and now the room is all matchy, matchy.


I’ve got big plans for this desk. Or more for all the pretty things I plan on creating…or attempting to create at this desk. The little set of drawers is also from our recent Ikea trip and I got to those handles with the gold spray paint, too.  Y’all should see my hands.  The little rug was another Hobby Lobby find.


Before & After

In case you’re wondering, no I didn’t just shove everything into the closet. It’s organized, too. We bought a new 3 drawer filing cabinet when we were at Ikea and it makes the OCD part of me incredibly happy to have a designated spot for all the important pieces of paper.

Okay…it’s currently Sunday evening and I’m writing this so it’s ready to go bright and early tomorrow. Paul and I started on the room re-do on Friday night and we finished hanging the last shelf around 9:00 pm tonight. Ugh. I’m going to go drag myself into bed now.

Stay tuned next week for California, part 2!

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