Are you ready…?

For some football talk?

Growing up, football was the main sport in our house.  I don’t remember much baseball watching..perhaps it was because one parent is a Phillies fan and the other a Pirates fan…and their games weren’t aired frequently in Virginia.  The fact that out of the 5 girls, there are two fairly apathetic about baseball and then a Yankees, Orioles and Phillies fan is proof that we weren’t heavily influenced in that area.  And forget basketball…though one sister did sport a Lakers jersey for a short period of time. There was a little bit of hockey watching…but growing up in the RVA area in the ’90s, our hockey team was the Richmond Renegades.


But football? Oh man. We lived for fall.  Both professional and college…though the passion runs just a little deeper for college. If you know any of the sisters, odds are you know we’re die hard Penn State fans. Both sets of my grandparents owned season tickets for over 20+ years.  My dad’s parents had their season tickets up until I was in college. If we weren’t in Happy Valley for the game, then we were all gathering together for the Penn State game on TV.  We’d go months without seeing some of our family members, but come fall, you could count on everyone getting together for game day. It was a rite of passage for each one of us girls to take a friend to the game. We couldn’t wait for the day to bring our significant others either. Luckily, at this point, all our guys have embraced the Nittany Lion passion (or at the very least, realized they aren’t changing it).  In fact, Paul’s first road trip with me was to a Penn State game about two months into our relationship and we’ve attended countless games since.

From days where tailgates included a car full of people (ya know, five), a cooler, the ingredients for my grandfather’s 7&7, and a pop up table…to the days of overnight RV parking with 20+ family members & friends and cooking lunch AND dinner for a full day of tailgating…Penn State tailgating weekends are some of my most cherished memories.

One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is you never leave a game early. (Though thanks to having babysitters back at the motor home watching my niece and nephew, my sis and I broke this cardinal rule at the game we attended two weeks ago.) This past Saturday night’s game against Ohio State is the perfect example of why you stay to the end and although I was warm and snug in my bed waiting for the final 5 minutes of the game to finish…I refused to turn off the TV until the clock said 0:0 and boy was I happy to have stayed awake until the end! It’s been a long past couple of years for us Penn State fans, so pardon us while we ride high for a few days for knocking off the #2 ranked team in the country.  I have two cousins in the Blue Band this year and I’m willing to bet Saturday night is a night they won’t soon forget.

Last time I was at a televised Saturday night white out against Ohio State it was October 27, 2007 and we lost 37-17 and even that atmosphere was electric (at least for the beginning of the game!) There were 110,134 people in attendance at that game.

Ohio St. vs Penn St., October 27, 2007

There were 107,280 at Saturday night’s game..and the low attendance probably had a lot to do with crappy weather and early parking lot closures.

So…because I’m exhausted and still pinching myself that Penn State is finally back in the top 25 ranked teams….here’s a fun look at some past Penn State games. There are two marriages in my family resulting from people meeting in the Blue Band. Most of my aunts and uncles, my mom and one sister hold degrees from PSU.  Our blood bleeds blue and white around here if you couldn’t tell.




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