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Apple and Pumpkin Pickin’

What are your favorite fall memories?

Hands down – mine revolve around weekends spent tailgating at Penn State.

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve enjoyed 3 big Fall activities that I hope will be staples in my children’s memory bank.

1)  A weekend in State College, PA with friends and family.

2) Our Annual trip to Wintergreen    (re:brewery hopping/apple picking)

3) Pumpkin Patch



PSA – To all parents who have a child with a 3 second attention span (so, basically…to ALL parents…).  These Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin things are AMAZING!  We learned really quick that with a 3 and 1 year old, carving A pumpkin is fun, but trying to tackle 4 pumpkins just means a lot of work for one adult (carving) and a lot of refereeing for the other adult (“be careful with that knife, don’t throw the goo on the ground, etc”).  The kids get SO excited to “dress up” their pumpkins.  We’re loving these sets and the fact that we use them year after year!  (Also, I’m loving how perfectly the sequence of events was captured here.)

Nora: “Bennett, don’t mess with the pumpkins.”
Nora: “Mom, Bennett won’t leave the pumpkins alone.”
Nora: (Haha! Bennett got in trouble)  “Told ya, so…buddy.”


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