California Dreamin’

Now that you have that song stuck in your head, let’s chat about California.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Paul and I had chosen to head there for our anniversary. Our main reason for selecting the west coast as our destination was because neither of us have been farther west than Chicago and we felt the Pacific Ocean calling our name.  But, our primary reason for selecting the specific location in California was to see some of our dear friends.

For our 5th anniversary, Paul and I needed a change. We were deep in the valleys of infertility and our relationship needed a boost as much as our spirits did. I think it was Paul who randomly saw a commercial for a Disney Cruise and suggested it. Since it sounded wonderful to me, we went for it.

Now, if you know me at all, you know social settings are just not my scene, so admittedly dinner with random people made me a little nervous.  Luckily, though, Disney was spot on with choosing our table mates. We were seated with two amazing couples…and one random brother and sister who oddly enough only came to dinner together on the first and last nights.  Eric & Alysa & Ben & Ayme and Paul and I became fast friends.

We solidified our friendship with Mickey bars and adult beverages on the adult only beach.

With a little peer pressure, we all decided to come back together and cruise again two years later.  This meant Paul and I were able to celebrate our 7th Anniversary in the Caribbean.


We spent a lot of time together on our second cruise. We did some excursions, ate some ice cream and the two police officers of the group decided to track down a local police station.


And of course we wrapped up our time together with Mickey Bars.

Shortly after our cruise, Eric & Alysa made their way to the east coast and Paul and I took the opportunity to meet up with them in DC.


But it’s been almost 3 years since we last saw Ben & Ayme and over two since we saw Eric & Alysa and to say we miss being around them (& eating Mickey Bars) is an understatement.

Paul and I were so ridiculously excited to learn that both couples booked stays at the same hotel as us and will be visiting Disneyland with us. Coincidentally, Eric & Alysa got married the week before us and we missed each other in Disney World last year to celebrate our 9th together by days. This year though, we can’t wait to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with them.

So our California trip planning is well underway. We still need to figure out where we’re staying in San Francisco, book our rental car, and check out some Viator deals and then the main things will be off the to do list. If you have any must see/must eat at places in San Francisco or LA, let us know! We’ll take all the suggestions we can get!


Also- A very happy 10th Birthday to our first four-legged love. Britt and Matt drove over 13 hours in one day-all the way down to Abingdon to pick her up for us. (We’ve owed them ever since 😉 ) Hollie has been such a joy!




And just to come full circle with this post…here’s some more of The Mamas and the Papas for you…because, you know…Monday.

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