An open letter to my friend’s child(ren).

Dear little one,

For a variety of reasons, odds are you probably don’t even know me. Perhaps one of your parents and I were old friends going all the way back to middle or high school. Perhaps they were college friends or sorority sisters or friends who came into my life once I was married. As time passes and life seems to happen at a more rapid pace, chances are, you either really don’t know who I am nor will you ever know who I am. But, thanks mainly to social media at this stage of my life, I know about you.

Maybe I was close enough with your mom during the season of life where you went from a dream to a reality and I came to know you through your mom’s pregnancy. For a few of you, your momma and I were close enough where I had (demanded perhaps) the honor of feeling you kick in your momma’s womb. If I really, really loved your mom, I went to your baby shower. Maybe I held you in the hospital within the first few days of your life. Maybe I’ve had a few interactions with you during your life through social circles. Maybe I’ve never met you at all. For quite a few of you I should definitely be more present in your life than I am.

And while it’s true that I don’t really know you, not in the way your mommies and daddies and families do, knowing about you, brings me a joy I can’t quite explain. Your parents are so, so lucky to have you, sweet child…even on the days where you push all their buttons and make them question why they even had kids. I can only imagine how fiercely you are loved. I want you to remember that always…from the days where you have no idea that they creep into your room just to watch you sleep, to the day they help you move into your own place…and everything in between and beyond. Trust me when I say, they know how lucky they are to have you..and if you ever feel that they don’t feel that way, you tell me and I’ll remind them. 😉

I mentioned earlier that there’s quite a few of you whom I should know better. That’s a hard thing to come clean on and while I absolutely hate making excuses, odds are you were born during an incredibly painful period of my life. A period where acknowledging you more than the bare minimum shattered my heart and threatened to send me to a point of no return…on days where I felt like I was barely holding on to begin with. And even now, for a handful of you, something as simple as really thinking about how old you are only makes me acutely aware of what’s missing from my life. But know this, it doesn’t mean I am not thankful for you individually. It doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the joy and happiness you bring to your parents. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you.

For some of you, I fiercely prayed for you along side your parents. Maybe you took a little longer to make an appearance and I know the deep crevices of your parent’s hearts that begged and pleaded and prayed for you to enter this world. Or maybe you came as a massive surprise and I watched your parents desperately try to grasp their new reality. That moment that they laid eyes on you for the first time though…everything in their world was right. YOU did that by doing nothing but being YOU. Don’t forget that either.

So, tiny human, in a world that seems hell bent on breaking people down or focusing on the negative side of life, know this…I am over here quietly rooting for you. I delight in your accomplishments, know the significance of the milestones you reach, appreciate the stories your parents tell about you, and love watching you find your own personality. It’s probably a little creepy to hear that someone you don’t even know is praying for you, but it’s directly because of your parents that I adore you, too. Your parent(s) were probably in my life during a specific season and made a direct impact on my heart…and therefore, you have, too.


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