Positive Reinforcement

As a Mom, I struggle EVERY day with how to impact my children’s behavior.  From studying educational strategies, I completely understand the importance of positive reinforcement.


Why is it so easy to praise/positively reinforce my children, but so hard to do the same for myself?  I don’t think this is just a “Mom” issue either.  What about the work place?  Do you go out of your way to congratulate a coworker on a job well done, yet are constantly believing you, yourself should have done more/better?

Today my keys were locked in my car and at 8:20am I had to borrow a neighbor’s car to get my child to school on time.  This resulted in canceled plans, and a feeling of being an inconvenience (did I mentioned my AMAZING neighbors also watched Bennett while I carted Nora to school?).  My daughter went in public with a big hole in her pants (on her butt so her bright red underwear was showing through) and my son left the house in a tshirt covered in green avocado/yogurt.  Today wasn’t pretty but I’ve been trying SO hard to not be SO hard on myself.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.34.28 PM.png

The moral of the story – Surround yourself with people who believe in celebrating the small things (thanks to my girlfriends who congratulated me on getting 3 kids out of the door and to a playdate the other day) and are willing to raise a glass (or a sippy cup) to just making it through the day…because sometimes, that’s just hard!

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