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Summer wrap-up

With the cooler temps fast approaching and baseball AND football always on my TV, I feel like I can officially say goodbye to this summer. It was most definitely one of the more difficult summers of our married life, but where there are great trials and tribulations, there are often great rewards (if you have patience to wait for them).

We started this blog almost at the beginning of summer…end of spring…and I’ve written about a lot of stuff in those short four months. From the incredibly superficial to the really hard topics.  I thought a little follow up to it all might just be in order.

House Update: Somehow beginning this blog coincided almost perfectly with moving into the new house. Home updates came to a screeching halt when our air handler in the attic poured water into the guest room causing a partial ceiling collapse. I’m so ecstatic to report that after three months of fighting with the Home Warranty Company we officially got our central AC back last Monday. Complete with an updated thermostat.



Well, updated to us. It sure beats the turn dial original one we had previously.  And the ceiling has been repaired!!!  As it turned out, I just so happened to have a little cookie break, so much to my husband’s dismay, I decided to tackle the guest room before moving all the furniture back in. It didn’t make sense to put the room back together only to have to move everything back out when it was time to update the space.

I’m so ridiculously happy to get rid of some more ugly trim/door color. This is exactly how the room has looked for the past 3 months since I ripped everything out of there in approximately 2 minutes before part of the ceiling came down. Little by little, y’all, this painted trim will go away and our spaces will be updated.

Hooray for painted walls and white trim! The carpet teeters between navy and super dark gray (I bought it thinking it was dark gray.) The bed & bedding (& carpet) were some of my Ikea purchases.


Oh white closet doors, how I love you. I debated picking out a new color, but this was the same color in one of our guest rooms at the old house and I still love it.  It’s Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore.  Maybe there’s beadboard in this room’s future.


The back side of that door is now white instead of the pukey green, but seeing the hallway side of the door open up into the new space gives me even more motivation to have it painted white.  I need approximately 4 months to forget how much it stinks painting trim & doors before I consider another project though.


Family Growing Update: It’s weird to think how fast the surrogacy chapter of our story came and went and for that we are surprisingly grateful. Of course we wish it would have lasted about 10 months longer, but for the sake of my sister and brother-in-law and all the potential scenarios, we’re glad it ended this way. I did a little closet cleaning on facebook and successfully removed myself from all surrogacy groups. You have no idea how much joy that simple act brought me. We’re on a family growing hiatus if you will.  Although, it won’t be much of an actual hiatus as we educate ourselves and take time to ease into our next chapter. You’ll just have to keep reading this blog for a few more years if you want to see how this plays out.

Travelling update: I posed the question a few weeks ago asking for input on where we should go for our 10th Anniversary. Decisions (& some reservations) have finally been made! Hooray! We were naturally waiting to see how the surrogacy thing & the AC repairs unfolded and I have been desperately waiting for mid-September to arrive so we would have our answers. For a variety of reasons we’ve decided to head to California for our big  1-0. We’re looking forward to visiting San Francisco & L.A, seeing the Pacific Ocean, doing a lot of driving & sight seeing , visiting with some dear friends and experiencing Disneyland. I’m not sure how Disney related activities came to be so significant for our anniversaries, but it’s worked for us and I’m not trying to jinx our marriage now by choosing anything different 😉  We were in Disney World for our 1st Anniversary, on a Disney Cruise for our 5th and 7th anniversaries and back in Disney World for our 9th. It seems only fitting to be in Disneyland for our 10th.


In more exciting news, Paul has officially signed up to run the Helsinki Half Marathon in June. This has been a bucket list item for him for a few years now and I’m so excited we are finally able to make it a reality for him. I will be happily cheering for him from the sidelines! We’re just starting to daydream about our third trip to Europe and all the places we may want to go and right now there’s a bunch of variables up in the air. One thing is for sure though…a trip to a certain Finnish lake house with some of the people closest to our hearts is a must!!


I don’t know about you, but that was plenty of excitement in one summer for me.  What was your favorite summer 2016 memory?

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