Does your life have a purpose?

I would venture to say that you would answer that question with a “yes”.

Do you know your life’s purpose?  My guess is that you would say “no”.

Do you feel as though you would like to know your purpose ASAP?

In a society so caught up in ‘image’ maybe you feel like your daily life isn’t good enough, or your purpose isn’t great enough.  Maybe this grand “ah-ha” moment you’re waiting for will never come?  What, then, will you do?  I challenge you to consider the possibility that your purpose changes throughout your life, or maybe your “purpose” isn’t something you are supposed to be aware of at all.

Imagine if you knew the sole “purpose” of your life *right now*.  What if it wouldn’t be fulfilled until you are older?  If you choose to live with that one thing in mind, just think about how many relationship opportunities, growth, and lessons would be missed along the way.

As for me and my sister, living in the gray area of contentment and knowing that we are where we need to be is an overwhelming peace that we wish everyone could know.  The older I’m getting, the more convinced I am that the plans we have for ourselves are not actually the best laid plans.  I’ve mentioned in the past that I struggle with the “what’s next?” question.  I’m very much a ‘go…see…do’ person so staying in a stage of life and choosing to be available to whatever comes my way is a new concept (re:surrogacy).  I can look back on where I’ve been as a series of coincidences that lead me to here, or I can choose to see these as my life’s plan (which I have no control of) unfolding before me for a larger purpose (which I also have no control of).  Being here, along with my sister, is a great place to live.

She has believed for a very long time that she will be a Mom and her husband will be a Dad.  As their journey to conceive comes to a close after 9 long years, it is not a time to be sad or put on societal expectations of “when?”, “why?”, “how?”.  Those questions will never be answered, but we do have the answer to something greater.  Having faith, we KNOW that something better is to come of this.  We will look back at this time of life and say “so that was the purpose of all of the suffering”.  Kate may not know this, but I’m already getting a glimpse into the good that has come from their journey.  I’ve had so many people express gratitude that they no longer feel alone on the ugly roller coaster of infertility.  I’ve talked to people who know that Kate’s blog has been used by therapists to help others cope (read more HERE about the Ziolkowski’s journey).  I’ve also seen how the testament of one’s faith seeing them through the darkness can encourage others that their faith can pull them through tough situations as well.

So whatever your purpose is today, be it…making someone smile, sending an positive note to someone on a tough road, or just keeping the kids fed and happy…I hope you realize that it isn’t insignificant, it does matter, and eventually all of your smaller purposes will add up to equal one large, very purposeful/purpose full life.


**Disclaimer, our Church has started a series called EXPLORE GOD so if you’re wondering why the question at the top of this blog post is on my mind, here is your answer!

Read more about how you can join the discussion EXPLORE GOD RVA


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