If I were to be on a dating site…Kate

What is your relationship status? Been married for almost 10 years now…which brings up the question-why am I filling out a dating questionnaire??

Who are you looking for? A millionaire. First marriage is for love…if there’s gotta be a second, I’m going for money!

Where should we look? Probably in places I don’t frequent very often.

How tall are you? 5’3″ on a good day. 5’6″ if I’m wearing my stilettos. I should probably wear those more often…better chance at grabbing a millionaire.

What best describes your body type? The opposite of these damn perfect Olympian bodies I’m currently watching.

What is the most important quality you are looking for in a partner? The amount of inheritance he comes with…wait, that’s probably not a quality.

Other than your appearance, what is the first thing people notice about you? Either my sarcasm or my honesty.

Smokes: Is this a question for me or  do you want to know if I care if my millionaire smokes? If for me, then I haven’t smoked since freshman year of college and I hate everything about it now. If it’s for my millionaire, then I hate to seem too demanding since he’s paying for everything, but I’d strongly insist he didn’t, cause yuck.

Drinks: I’m assuming we’re talking alcoholic. I love a good speciality martini or cocktail every now and then, but those occur probably less than a handful of times a year. My favorite beverage of choice is Rekorderlig strawberry lime cider-made in Sweden and not sold anywhere in Virginia, which means I either have to order and ship it or go to Finland. Also-with the amount of times the crap has hit the fan in my life especially recently, I’m afraid if I really started (with cheap beer or wine), I’d never stop.

Drugs: Nope. Never have.

Religion: Raised Catholic. The church I currently attend aligns itself with the Evangelical Presbyterian church, but my focus here recently has been on developing a personal and close relationship with Jesus.

Sign: Libra. The scales…which makes decision-making so hard because I see both sides very easily.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Longwood University

Job: Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Offspring: Real funny. Eight+ years of infertility and I have 28 babies waiting for me in Heaven (that’s not an exaggeration).

Pets: 4 dogs who most days make me question my sanity, but whom I love all days. Also-a direct effect of my previous answer.


PSA. The husband knows about my hunt for a millionaire and only requests that my millionaire have a lady millionaire friend for him 😉


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