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Keeping Busy

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still getting use to “adult life” (and not having a jam packed school schedule). It’s been a few years of figuring out how to balance activity and inactivity and I’m still trying. I’ve had a gym membership, used a Fitbit, run outside, done living room exercises, and being a Kinesiology major only made me realize how much more I knew I COULD be doing, but wasn’t.

Moving to a new town presented some new challenges too. I wasn’t familiar with parks, clubs, or gyms in York, so I looked online and to my husband and his connections to put feelers out for something to do. Thankfully a friend of his played in a women’s soccer league, and I was able to learn more about it from her. I was a little apprehensive about adult soccer leagues initially because I was never sure on how intense they would be, but was really happy about how the league was described, moderately competitive, but not intimidating!

I played my first season in the spring of 2015 and was hooked. The group of women in the league could not have been nicer and more accepting to me, a complete stranger! Our shared love for the sport was evident and I was happy to be back out on the field after a few years with such a supportive and encouraging group.

It’s been a while since I had a leadership position (I think I had my fill in middle school and high school). From sports and clubs, to marching band, my life from 6th-12th grades was jam packed with after school activities.  Burnout is real! I was more than content in college to be involved, but not take a front seat.

This summer I was approached by the league organizer and asked if I would be interested in getting involved. I thought back to the various positions I’ve held and figured I was as qualified as anyone (and unable to come up with any excuse not to do it)! So long story short, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things, and I’m really excited to be involved and keep busy!

Check out the White Rose Women’s Soccer League!


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