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The Importance of the Village

When it is said “It takes a village to raise a child,” you have to step back and assess yours.  I am so thankful that the village Matt and I have continually steps up and positively influences the lives of our children in the ways that they do.  I am also very thankful on a daily basis that the same village is always willing to provide us with a needed break from time to time.

Surrounded by family last weekend (on an impromptu day trip…yes, you can still take those with kids) I was reminded just how special our village is to us, and how large it has gotten.  At one point, Bennett and Nora were on a golf-cart ride with their cousin and aunt, Matt was on the boat with our nephew and I was left under the shade of a beautiful tree with an amazing view on a gorgeous summer day thinking that I don’t believe I have heard silence like that in years.  It is my village that provides peace, calm and comfort to me in so many moments that I am sure they don’t even realize.  It’s the few minutes alone to catch my breath, count my blessings and truly be thankful for our crew that is helping to raise our children.  You all fall into a category, and I just need to take the time to thank each and every one of you!


Hands-down, the largest part of our village consists of our family.  We are grateful for everything you all do for us.  From playing with the kids, to engaging them and really getting to know their true personalities, our family has been there to support us and help in EVERY way you could imagine.  The clean dishes, impromptu drop-ins, quality time spent together and countless babysitting hours are deeply cherished and we are so grateful to have a large and present family support system.  The kids and I go to my grandparent’s house once a week for a play date and lunch and it is something Nora and Bennett get so excited about.  Truly a highlight of our week and some of my favorite memories.  My grandparents are building a bond with their great grandchildren that Nora and Bennett will carry with them through their lifetime.


This category can be broken down in a few sub-categories, but in an effort not to bore you, I’ll try to keep it concise.

My Mom friends make up a large part of my village as, in this stage of life, we’re on the same wavelength.  They totally get me when I send a text that says, “my child had a yogurt and ritz crackers for lunch…but that dog bone he gnawed on definitely had SOME nutritional value, right?’.  They don’t bat an eye when you send a text from a public restroom thanking God that someone (likely a Mom) thought of this little contraption…


And they DEFINITELY understand your need for wine at all hours of the day when they see snippets of your life like…

“How dare you leave us unattended for 3 minutes while you try to prepare our gourmet hot dog lunch.”

The lifelong friends are a key component to the village as well.  They are the friends that just get you and know the ins and outs of your life.  They are the ones you don’t clean your house for (re: Mom friends too…re: let’s be honest, we don’t clean the house anymore).  They can keep you in touch with the real world, call you out on your poor personal hygiene habits, snuggle and love on your kids as if they were there own and are there for all of life’s most important moments.  These friends are the ones that my children often times ask if they should call them Aunt or Uncle because they feel that close bond to them.  Our village of close friends, and their children, is often times the shoulder we cry on, the ones we celebrate with and those we find cheering us on daily.

If you are reading this and supporting my sisters and myself as we navigate this new world of blogging, we thank you for joining in on our village.  We hope you are enjoying getting to know each of us a little better.

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