Beach Must-Haves

It rarely happens that we are able to take 2 vacations during the summer. This year we were lucky enough to have a week at the beach with my family followed by a week at the beach with Matt’s family. My kids are so fortunate to make beach memories with all of their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!  This is a summer we won’t forget.

Being our first trips to the beach with 2 mobile kids (re: spending more time on the actual beach) I feel like I should share with you some tips I’ve picked up along the way and things that have worked for us.

Beach toys – keep it concise, you just need the basics. Also, a pop-up/portable laundry hamper is the BEST solution for hauling toys. I have a ‘Mom Hook’ on my stroller and can clip the toy carrier right on to the stroller.


*note – Nora’s ‘puddle jumpers’. These are the best floats around! Any swim coach will likely tell you not to use them because the kids learn to rely on them. Any parent will tell you unless you know without a shadow of a doubt there is no way your child will drown, throw a floaty on them for piece of mind and call it a day.

These are Nora’s necessities-toys and a float.  Now on to Bennett’s set-up.  I haven’t caved and gone the traditional umbrella route because I find them to be tough to carry, annoying to set up and a sense of anxiety every time the wind blows.  For us, we use this pop-up canopy with a mini pool for Bennett to sit and play.  It’s nice as a parent to not have to constantly entertain, so a few moments of quite play can give Mom and Dad a little bit of time to sit and just watch the kids enjoy themselves at the beach.

Speaking of shade, for the 3-5 minutes that Nora actually sits at the beach (usually for a meal) I like to be able to sit her in the shade as well. Her beach chair broke at the end of last summer so I knew to keep an eye out. I happened to get an end of the summer email from pottery barn kids that offered free shipping on their end of the summer clearance items. I scored this chair for $20 and am now on the hunt for one for Bennett that he can use next summer!


Bonus about Nora’s chair, Bennett’s canopy and the mini pool is that they all collapse down to something small enough to fit in the laundry bag with the toys.

If I could suggest something else, it would be a BIG beach bag that you can throw over your shoulder.  Ours is large enough to put a soft cooler in (all we need for a few hours), snacks, towels, sunscreen, and any other misc items.

Also, because we are super cool and officially parents – we wear our beach chairs on our back to keep our hands free.


It seems like a lot, but it feels manageable and that’s a great feeling when you’re heading to the beach with 2 little ones!

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