A little back story about this post…

I watched Nora and Ben on Wednesday and when Britt got back from lunch with some of her girlfriends she asked if I wanted to go with them to a bakery downtown.

Of course I said yes because 1. Who can pass up a bakery? and 2. I needed a topic to blog about for this week because my life is boring right now.

We ventured to Whisk once the kids were up from their nap and I’m so happy I went.


It’s on the corner of North 21st and East Main Street and is super cute!



I had no clue what I was going to get but opted to get the Peach Macaroon, Oatmeal Sandwich Cookie (Creme Pie), and an Almond Cake Truffle for my mom.



The bakery items are reasonably priced for how delicious they are! They are also a great size for the price you pay! The macaroon was absolutely perfect and I could really taste the peach in it. The oatmeal sandwich cookie lasted me two servings with how big it was! As for the almond cake truffle, you’ll have to ask my mom but I don’t think there’s anyway it was bad!

A perk of coming home on I-95 North is that you are welcomed by a  lovely Richmond sign. Plus, you get the best views of the city and the river!


I have definitely put down Whisk as one of my favorite bakeries and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get some yummy, sweet treats for a great price!


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