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A Swell Souvenir

For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been enviously following, via social media, my in-law’s travels out west. They began their trip in Las Vegas, visited the Hoover Dam, Death Valley, Yosemite, Napa, San Francisco (plus lots of other cool places!) and ended their trip attending a wedding in the Redwood Grove at UC Berkely’s Botanical Gardens…swoon.

Now let me go completely off topic, but don’t worry, I’ll bring it around full circle.

Back in college I made it a point that I wouldn’t use plastic water bottles. I had a few reusable bottles that I dutifully cleaned in the dorm and filled on campus. I cringed whenever I saw my dorm-mates come back from the store with groceries and a huge pack of plastic water bottles. I didn’t want to contribute to that industry, and I was in college, so you know, pinching pennies, and water on campus was FREE. Fast forward to 2014, for our honeymoon abroad, hubs and I invested (a whopping $10 each) on these beauts from Brita so we wouldn’t be worried about buying bottled water on our excursions and loved the fact that they had built in filters. I’ve pretty much been using mine (even now without the filter) since then, but it’s really showing wear, so I know it’s days are numbered.

At one point in the above mentioned trip (of a lifetime), my in-laws sent a cryptic text, “Water bottle or T-shirt?” Figuring it was code for, choose a souvenir, I went with the water bottle. My reasoning was that I use a water bottle everyday, and need a new t-shirt like I need another hole in my head!


Ain’t she pretty?

Just let me nerd out real quick over this water bottle. I had one of those moments on Facebook a while back where, for whatever reason, the ad you just scrolled past catches your attention and YOU.MUST.CLICK.IT. and I did. And I watched this whole video about S’well bottles and how, well, swell they are.  Forged from the steel of Rocky’s right bicep, delivered via angel straight from God himself….yeah ok, but it was one of those ads that screamed THIS IS THE BE ALL, END ALL, for whatever product we’re pushing on you, you lowly Facebook browser. And I really dug the message they were sending, it appealed to my values and ideals…sustainability, check…earth loving, check…crunchy granola, check. But it didn’t appeal to my wallet, and the fact that I had a good reliable water bottle. So I moved on (but didn’t forget!)

So when I was given this water bottle, I got a little weak in the knees, and I think my in-laws were a little surprised by my enthusiasm. This is the perfect gift for someone who is anti-plastic water bottle! But this is no ordinary S’well water bottle (let’s be honest, they’re not ordinary in the first place) it’s from the Apple Campus in Cupertino. As I type this on a MacBook Pro, wearing my Apple Watch, with my IPhone 6 sitting on the table next to me, I’m geeking out for, yep, water bottles and Apple.

So if you get the itch to ditch plastic water bottles for good, check out S’well bottles, or maybe the Brita bottles are more your style. If you’re already plastic bottle free (Yay!), is there any kind or type of bottle you would recommend?

2 thoughts on “A Swell Souvenir

  1. I have a bruised ad battered SIGG water bottle that I keep in my refrigerator all of the time. I love the way that the water tastes from that stainless steel bottle. My only complaint is that the opening isn’t big enough to fit most ice cubes. I’m with you, refillable all the way. Biggest disappointment in water bottles, the Tervis one. It was expensive and it always leaks — although it is very ice cube friendly. Great piece of writing — “Forged from the steel of Rocky’s right bicep, delivered via angel straight from God himself…” Awesome!


  2. The Gasserts are totally into hydroflask. We discovered them on our honeymoon in Hawaii and haven’t looked back since. We even have a hydroflask growler. We own the black growler two 40s in purple and orange and a purple 32oz. The PE teachers have jumped on board and I see them all over school. Yay to ditching the plastic. It hurts my soul.


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