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Throwing showers.  It is definitely something I LOVE to do, but over the past few years they have been plentiful.  While my creative mind gets excited to think about the endless possibilities, my wallet (and thus, husband…)…not so much.  It’s no secret that from invitations, food, decorations, games, to prizes, presents and everything in between, things can get out of hand real quick ($$$).  Aside from asking for help and having someone to split costs with, I feel like I have hit the jackpot with this company.

(P.S – this is NOT a sponsored post, I am just really happy with the quality, multiple uses, and price of these products. DREAM BIG PRINTABLES)

When it comes to games, I realized that I could purchase some printable ones online that could be reused for multiple bridal or baby showers.  It’s nice to reach into my arsenal and know that I don’t have to drop big bucks on entertainment for showers.  Food – easy to save on cost.  Anyone that asks what they can do to help, just request a specific dish and before you know it, you’ll have minimal spending in this category.

Something I HAVE struggled with in the past is the recurring cost of decorations.  Often banners are specific one-use items (wedding date, last names, baby names, etc).  Here I think it is ok to splurge on the occasion for some personalization.  When it came time to throw the most recent shower, I started to really think about something I could purchase and get use out of for future parties.  Maybe I could buy some prints that would be usable at other events?  I started googling and thanks to smart marketing, within a few days of the search, an ad for Dream Big Printables popped up on my facebook newsfeed.  I decided to check it out (considering the AWESOME $10 price tag).  Bonus, if you sign up…you get 25% off of your order (Yes! Even off of the sale price).  I opted for the 100 Print Mega Pack Vol.1 and was NOT disappointed.

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It included prints I could use for the baby shower, for home decor, as well as ones that I thought would be appropriate for future parties.  After a quick trip to target, wal-mart and the dollar store, I had collected the frames that I needed.  (Tip – THE BEST 4×4 frames I have found, they can stand alone or be hung on a wall can be found HERE).

How does it work?  You purchase the pack of prints that you are interested in and soon they are emailed to you.  I then downloaded the prints to my computer (only took a few minutes).  The next step is up to you.  I used the website snapfish (had a coupon code).  You can upload the prints to any website you would like and choose what size you would like to have them printed.  Then you can decide what type of paper you want them printed on.  Within a few days, the prints will be at your doorstep (or if you use something like Sams or CVS, you can have the prints ready to be picked up in just a few hours).

My favorite part of this whole process?  The mommy-to-be was able to take all of the prints home with her to use around the nursery.  How cute are these shots of Kennedy’s new nursery?  *Note the adorable prints*





I also love that I have all of these prints queued up on my computer and ready to print for the next party that cute decor is needed.

Here are the prints that have made it up in my house for the summer.

I’ll leave you with this – one of my favorites from their wedding bundle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.35.38 PM.png


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