All sisters


While the rest of the sisters are enjoying a week in the Outer Banks, I’m slogging it out at work, patiently waiting for my vacation time to build back up from our Disney trip last December. Now don’t feel too bad for me, I’m saving that time for a little trip this September!

Back in February, Matt posted a link on Facebook, tagging me and a bunch of our friends, for one of those group Euro tours. We talked about how awesome it would be, but it was all pretty jokingly. Little did we know that little over a month later, we’d be planning one for real! We received a save the date in March for a wedding in the Czech Republic in September, and after a few days of contemplating and thinking logistically, we decided to go for it! Fast forward 4 months, and we have our basic travel plans booked and are now looking at specifically what to do with our time in Budapest, Bratislava, and Prague. We’re so excited to spend a week traveling in Eastern Europe and celebrating the wedding of some great friends! Here are our basic plans so far.

Day 1: Travel from PA to JFK, board flight to Moscow

Day 2: Layover in Moscow, Flight to Budapest                                                                             Evening in Budapest, Maverick Hostel

Day 3: Full day in Budapest

Day 4: Travel to Bratislava


Day and evening in Bratislava, Hostel Blues

Day 5: Travel to Prague


Day and evening in Prague, Prague Square Hostel

Day 6: Full day in Prague

Day 7: Travel from Prague to Hradec Kralove

Prague-Kostelec nad Orlici

Hotel U Královny Elišky

Day 8: Wedding in Kostelec nad Orlicí, Reception in Hradec Kralove

Day 9: Most of the day in Hradec Kralove                                                                                        Travel to Prague, Ahoy! Hostel

Day 10: Depart Prague, layover in Moscow, flight to JFK, back to PA, sleeeeeeeeeeep!

For each city we’re obviously trying to do as much as possible. We’re looking at and comparing bus, walking, or even bike tours so that we can see a lot in the little bit of time we have in each stop. We’re looking at Viator, Big Bus Budapest, Lonely Planet, and some other travel sites. This is the part where I solicit advice from any experienced travelers for tips, tours, or websites we should consider. So if you can help us out at all with planning, or have done anything that we should consider, I’d love to hear from you!

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