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An Evening with Jason Mraz and His Guitar (oh and my husband!)


A couple of weeks ago, this post popped up on my Facebook newsfeed…And all my brain was telling me was: RED ALERT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! MUST SEE JASON!

Long story short, I have the best husband! I talked to him about it ONCE the day before tickets went on sale and before I knew it he’d bought them…no nagging required! 😝


So there we were, sitting in the Strand in downtown York, waiting for my approximately 12 year long dream to come true 😍 Ever since Britt saw him perform at Lee-Davis HS and told me how great he is, seeing him live has been on my bucket list.

And it was crazy awesome!

The performance was a great mix of old and new material with a good dose of improv, unrecorded stuff, and even comedy. The guy is amazingly talented, down to earth, and just freaking entertaining. Just him and his guitar and I know I’m not the only one who could have sat there all night listening to him!

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So if you ever have the opportunity to see Jason Mraz in concert, go for it!

One thought on “An Evening with Jason Mraz and His Guitar (oh and my husband!)

  1. Ahh he was so great! I loved this intimate, slowed down performance. I’ve seen him a few other times with more energy but this one seemed so genuinely him. It was like he was just having a good time and we had the privilege of watching.

    Hope you enjoyed it!


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