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Two sisters + 1 Ikea

Ever since we found out we’d be moving, I’ve had a summer Ikea trip on my to do list. It needed to involve a day off of work (no way was I going on a weekend) and another person (no way was I tackling that store alone).

A few weeks ago I decided to take off 6/23 for a concert at our local amusement park. My husband, two sisters, bro-in-law and niece were planning on joining me for a day of family fun and some great tunes.  Thanks to some procrastination on not buying the cheapest-earliest tickets and life’s natural comedy of errors (husband scheduling overtime, bro-in-law’s work trip, crazy to do lists before a big family weekend, and the weather) and our concert ended up in the ‘not happening this summer’ category.

But I still had my day off…and luckily, so did Cass. Ikea was calling my name.

With such a last minute decision to forego the concert, my trip planning time needed to get serious…and get serious fast. The thought of walking into the store without having a plan started to make my head spin.  Fortunately, there’s an app for that.


29 things later on my shopping list and I had a hunch we may be in trouble.

Y’all, I’ve been to Ikea once before (okay maybe one other time when I was super little). I remember the store being so amazingly overwhelming and I wasn’t even buying anything on that other visit. I knew this time around needed some serious recon work in order to be the most successful, budget friendly trip.

So recon I did. We were in the market to upgrade our guest bed from a double to a queen.  We want guests in the new house and we want them to be able to sleep together comfortably..ya know, if they want to sleep together that is. The current double bed we have was Paul’s bed prior to us getting married. It’s nothing more than a metal base.  It’s never really bothered me, but it’s also never really seemed complete.  I’m not sure why, but something was telling me that the new house (and our guests) deserved a bed with an actual headboard and footboard. I spent countless hours researching beds…styles, prices, etc. and all signs pointed to Ikea. There were certain ones I would have been okay with on either the Wal-Mart or Sam’s club websites that were relatively cheap, but by the time I added shipping & taxes and had it delivered in the time frame I needed it, it made more sense to just get the one I wanted from where I wanted on the day I wanted.  And then there’s the whole mattress saga, too. ‘Cause ya can’t have a bigger bed without a bigger mattress.  Which brings up the whole to box spring or not debate. Which circles back around to what type of bed you buy. Paul and I just bought ourselves a new queen mattress several months ago (& are now cursing the fact that we didn’t know we would be moving and sold our first mattress instead of choosing to keep it.)  Luckily, the mattress research was fresh in mind and I know the going rate for a queen size. Ikea for the win again.

Next up on my must have list was a new desk. Paul and I pitched our old flimsy desk when we moved and our current office is still packed with boxes waiting to be unloaded onto a desk. I’ve looked around at countless other stores and saw that Ikea had one I liked for a decent price. Desk on the shopping list? Check.

The other major thing I’ve been on the hunt for is a rug for the guest room. I adore hard wood floors but I also love a good rug to warm up the space. In the past two months I have searched high and low. I’ve even revisited some stores in hopes that something new and on the cheaper side would reappear. No such luck. Guess what Ikea had? That’s right. A carpet for the guest room.

Wednesday night rolled around and I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. Seriously. I couldn’t sleep. I’d doze off and then visions of the big blue and yellow storefront would wake me. Okay, maybe I was just more excited for the random day off work, but nonetheless, I was looking forward to the day.

Britt gave us the option of taking the truck on our journey to the great land of Ikea and we most definitely took her up on the offer. This also meant rounding up last minute bungee cords and a tarp because Thursday’s weather was nasty.

Thanks to the storms, we ended up getting on the road about an hour later than we had planned.

image                image

We perused the showroom for a bit (or more like an hour) and then stopped for the traditional Ikea lunch of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberries.


I love meandering through Ikea to marvel at the sheer marketing genius of it all. It’s designed to make you want this or feel like you need that. Even the café is placed in precisely the right area. Stop for a quick bite to eat and regain your energy so you can successfully pick up the approximately 276.5 boxes you’ll need in order to actually buy the bed you want.

Well, maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit, but if you’ve been to Ikea before you know nothing ever comes in just one box. The bed I bought came in 5.

Success! Grabbing the last thing on my list!
What you can’t see is Britt’s full bag of requested items hanging off the back of the cart.


Now, despite how full that cart looks, I did not actually buy all 29 things on my list. Believe it or not, I left a lot of my wants at the store.  The needed items only made it home with me. Nothing like having guests in to spend the night the day after you buy the bed to make you also buy the bedding and new pillows!

Naturally, a trip to Ikea meant an evening spent like this.

image      image

A huge thank you to Cassidy who not only accompanied me on the trip, but stuck around long enough to help assemble the bed.

As for the one thing I really, really wanted…a duvet set for our own bed. I’ve been wanting Scandinavian style bedding since our visit to Finland almost four years ago. Unfortunately, this always gets put into the ‘can do without’ column. Another trip to Ikea and no new bedding for our bed.

So, if you need me…I’ll be in the guest bed sleeping in the amazing new duvet and soft sheets. I’m not sleeping there because my husband found out how much I spent at Ikea. I promise. 😉

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