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Yoga + Pilates = Yogalates, apparently, and unfortunately, does not have anything to do with getting lattes. While I’ve never tried either, at the invitation of my mother-in-law, I am now enrolled in a Yogalates Class. Don’t worry, I had to Google it too! I had little reference for what to expect. In all of my kinesiology courses, from weight training to dance, I never really covered the fundamentals of Yoga or Pilates, let alone Yogalates. Everyone has that image in their head of people in a room on mats, quietly meditating, and posing in odd ways, and that’s exactly what I was expecting. Add in the Pilates and the fact that weights were optional for the class and I was expecting some resistance or weight training thrown in as well.

Having participated in mostly team sports, I usually feel a little awkward in gyms and teacher led exercise classes, but I was willing to try something new and hopefully keep up whatever I have left of my athleticism.

When I got there I learned there were about 12-14 participates, all ladies, and all about 45 and up. The teacher was also an older woman who was great at making us all comfortable. I could tell she was experienced with what she was doing and I was happy as the class progressed to learn that I pretty much knew every exercise or a variation of them. Any apprehension I had about being able to keep up with the class were dispelled as it went on.

I was always skeptical of Yoga, just because I wasn’t into the meditation part of it, so I was definitely happy with the fusion of Pilates exercises. We did do a little meditation to start, which I’ll admit, did help to focus my mind on the class, but I was happy it wasn’t too long.

I was surprised at how well I was able to perform in the class, and was able to add more challenging variations to some exercises to challenge myself a little more. I even left the class thinking about the possibility of joining a full yoga or pilates class in the future!

All in all, I’m so happy I was asked to go, and happy I said yes. Even just after one class I’m really looking forward to the rest of the summer learning more about Yoga + Pilates. What I’m really hoping to take from the class, besides core muscle strength and better fitness, is to have a solid routine I can continue to practice at home. Here’s to keeping (or getting back) into shape!

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