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Life Lessons and a Side of Easy Macaroni Salad

At this point, I owe my life to Google. If you’re a millennial, or really anyone with a smartphone, you’ve had about a million just google it moments.  I’ve been turning to the site more and more as my waning adolescence collides with adulthood and I must admit, my google searches can be random and hilarious.

Can I use Clorox wipes on stainless steel? Easiest way to bake chicken. Easy chocolate chip cookie recipe. What vegetables can dogs eat? What’s the best temperature to set your AC at? Cheap night stand ideas. Best time to buy a car. How to separate succulents. Best way to hang a plate.  How to spray paint outdoor furniture. Fence styles. How the heck do I care for lilies. Why do people vote for Donald Trump…ok maaaybe not that last one….but really….?

My latest episode of resorting to google was when I ran to Leg Up Market to get some pasta salad for dinner at the in-laws. I was disappointed to find all they had was a single serve container, so I made the split second decision to make my own! It’s pertinent for you to know that I don’t just whip stuff up, I’m not a great cook, and I’ve literally just passed the “mastered Mac ‘n Cheese” stage of my life. Off to google to save me….Easy macaroni salad recipe.  Huzzah! I was saved when this link popped up.

I was sold when I read the ingredients and realized I already had a lot of them:

Cider Vinegar…Check

Yellow Mustard…Check

Sugar, Salt, Pepper…Check, check, check

That left me to buy the macaroni, mayo, sour cream, celery and red pepper (I skipped the parsley for this one). Easy enough.

I grabbed the macaroni and went to get the sour cream. All I needed was 3 tablespoons, and all they had was a large container…off to google I went again…sour cream substitutes.

Thanks Epicurious! Greek yogurt it would be. I found a single serve Fage and I was off to the produce and Mayo.

Now some of you may have known a recipe like this off the top of your head, or that you can substitute sour cream with a bunch of different things, but for me, I was the one stopped in an aisle, out of the way, searching for the information. So thanks for the life lessons google, this will NOT be the last time I chuckle at myself for the random things I have to look up.

So if you’ve been in my shoes, here’s a toast to learning new things every day (through Google or not) and yummy (and easy!) macaroni Salad!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.15.19 PM
This recipe is a keeper! Super easy and delicious!





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