Sweet Succulents

Some blogs are focused completely on ONE hobby of ONE person, so lucky for you dear readers, this blog is about 5 different girls, with many different interests, so let’s dive into my most recent one.

I was thinking recently about these things called hobbies, and the fact that I’ve never been one to call myself an avid hobbyist for anything in particular. Sure I played soccer and spun a flag, but I hardly did those in my spare time. I read a lot growing up (ok mostly Harry Potter over and over again) and I enjoyed that, but haven’t really kept it up.

That brings me to today.  For a while now I’ve been focused on home improvement, which according to the sweet elderly couple down the road, is a never ending marathon, not a race. So can you count upkeep on your home a hobby, in my book, absolutely!

One thing the previous owners of our home left for us was a cute little succulent pot, which I pretty much ignored for a year…oops. Good thing those suckers a hard to kill. There were a few Sempervivums (aka Hens and chicks) in the pot, and thought I should probably do something with them. I really had no idea what I was doing, but it took one solo trip to Lowe’s and a random pass by some cheap little succulents for me to grab a few more, some potting soil, and a new pot to figure that I could tackle the project. Oh and I had just gotten some more as the cutest little wedding favor too!

Old pot, new tricks y’all

Before I did anything, I knew I needed to learn a bit more about these little plants, so off to google I went. I had no idea there was so much to learn about these plants! The short of it is they really are almost impossible to kill if left outside to their own devices (lesson already learned). The long of it is that with the right attention and care, they can be propagated (yes I did just learn that word, so thanks google). Propagate means you can make more and more of these things, just by using existing plants, or by removing their little baby buds and planting them. I wish I’d known how easy it was sooner (or I might not have bought more…oooor maybe I would have anyway)! I also learned the plants carry leaf and root cells throughout, so that’s why new plants can grow just from the leaves! I also just learned I had my little leaves stuck in the dirt when I took these pictures and that’s a no no to start…oops again. They’ve been fixed and are currently laying on the surface until they begin to sprout new roots and leaves. Too much water and these little babies will rot, so no worries about forgetting to water them. I’ve never had much of a green thumb, so I’ll (hopefully) have no problem keeping them alive.

My small, but growing (get it?) succulent collection. Crowded on the left, babies on the right.

I only started this project a few weeks ago, but I’m already so excited to get my little succulent garden up to capacity and then some. I’d love to share the plants with other people who might appreciate their hardiness and simple beauty (ie. EVERYONE).  I’m thinking housewarming, showers, birthday gifts…so people who know me, you’ve been warned! These cute little plants have found their way into my heart and hopefully I can start sharing them with all of you soon!

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