All sisters

The realization

I had originally planned to post my June monthly-mom-must-haves but instead here I am, sitting on a beautiful beach with the love of my life and having this ‘ah-ha’ realization.


Yesterday when packing for a day at the beach, Matt innocently asked ‘have you seen my headphones?’.  My response… ‘Yes, they are packed in the beach bag.  I also have your phone, wallet, towel and sunscreen’.  He said ‘oh, thanks babe!’.  His response was so genuine followed with a kiss on the forehead.


Guys, packing for the beach these days usually involves wrestling naked kids that are half lathered in sunscreen.  Screams of, where are their floats? Who has their towels? Do you have lunch packed? Toys? Shoes? Yell! Tell! Yell!

Taking this time to remember how kind we can be to each other, how much we have each other’s best interests in mind, unwinding and relaxing has been so fulfilling it is unreal. You forget how nice it is for your husband to genuinely want to and be able to help you.  Can I carry your bag? What can I get you to drink?  It’s love.  It’s refreshing.  It’s important. Mom and Dad…away…hard, yes! But…it’s important.


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