Cassidy · High School


On Wednesday, along with it being Ben’s birthday, it was also my Senior Honors Assembly. I knew I wasn’t going to be receiving anything, so I told my parents they didn’t need to sit through an over two hour ceremony.

That morning I woke up and noticed my mom was still home and not at work, which is weird. I asked her what she was doing home and she proceeded to tell me that there were meetings and she didn’t have to come in for the morning. It seemed a little odd to me, but I went with it.

I got to school dressed in my cap and gown, knowing that once it was over at 12 I could leave. This was about the only thing I was looking forward to because I knew after it I could go see Bennett.

I got to school, like I was told, at 8:45. They had us sitting in the auditorium until 9:30, when the ceremony started and we would process in. To pass time, my friends and I looked through the program and played the guessing game of who would get what award, knowing none of us were them.

I didn’t trip walking in, which was the one thing I wanted to accomplish. We sat and the awards started. Ā I remember glancing over at the parent section and seeing my parents sitting there. This is when I became very confused and I suddenly felt bad that they chose to come to a long ceremony where there daughter wasn’t receiving anything.

This is where the surprise comes in.

I was sitting there looking at the list of awards, counting to see how many we had left, when all of a sudden I hear the administrator say, “Cassidy Hackenberg please come up to the stage.”

I completely froze and when I say I froze I literally looked around and the girls beside me started to yell at me to go. It was at this moment that my nerves started to have a rave in my body. I was shaking the whole walk to the stage and on the stage and back to my seat.

The award I received was the Sportsman of the Year Award. One senior girl and one guy are chosen from all the sports teams. Every coach votes and is allowed to voice their opinion about a player. I definitely didn’t think my name would be said. Along with a nice engraved plaque, I received a check. It wasn’t much money but it was more than I had before the ceremony and I was, and still am, so grateful for it. It’s going straight towards books for next year, that’s for sure!

I think the best part about this is that they spelled my last name right!

I never expected in a million years to get an award, especially this one, considering all the senior girls who play sports and who I consider to be better than me. I am so humbled to have received this award. I know it isn’t much, but an award is an award, right?


P.S.–This post wasn’t meant to be braggy. It is literally the only thing that’s happened this week, other than today being my last official day as a senior, but I refrained from blogging about another “this is it” post.

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